About Us

Created Unbound was created and is run by two brothers. It serves as an outlet for us to share our creativity with the world, as we create our designs ourselves.

As artists, we know all too well what it’s like to feel “stuck” so, we needed a word that captures the feeling of being unstuck. A word that sums up the feeling of being free, limitless and capable. And thus, CREATED UNBOUND was born; because each one of us was created that way.

Created Unbound isn't just a “clothing brand”! It's a mindset and a way of life that has evolved over time as a result of numerous life lessons. It was created to inspire those who are passionate about their aspirations and ideas, and are driven by ambition and creativity.


Our main goals include:

  • To inspire you to chase your dreams and fulfill you purpose.
  • To inspire you blossom with creativity.
  • To spread positivity.


Our Vision for the future: 

We aim to create a positive community of inspired people actively chasing their dreams, getting creative and supporting each other!